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4 Favorite Pavilion Styles

4 Favorite Pavilion Styles

Combining unbeatable shade, protection from the rain, and a distinct luxury aesthetic – pavilions are becoming a fast favorite outdoor structure! They are perfect for use on a deck, over top of a patio, or even nestled in an open yard. While all pavilions deliver the style and shade you need, their look differs dramatically as there are several beloved pavilion styles from which you can choose.

At B&L Woodworking, we’re the place to buy luxury outdoor structures for decades of style. Our products are all handcrafted by skilled Amish craftsmen who take pride not just in our structures’ appearance but also how well they stand up to the elements. Explore the top pavilion styles – and find your favorite!

Pavilion Types You Can Bring Home

From simple and straightforward to rustic or even classically ornate, there is a pavilion type for everyone. While we’re highlighting the different styles you can bring home, the material you choose also plays a role in your pavilion’s look. You can have us build any of these pavilions in vinyl, cedar, or pressure-treated lumber.

Hip Roof Pavilion White pavilion type for backyard dining

The most common pavilion type we sell, this model is a popular choice for backyards all across our state and more. Elegantly simple, the hip roof pavilion features a slightly sloped flat roof – without exposed gables. While the basic roof is the most popular look, you can dress it up with a cupola or a double pagoda roof. From a practical standpoint, this also tends to be the most affordable backyard pavilion you’ll find as well. This versatile design is equally popular in both wooden and vinyl materials.

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Open Gable Pavilion Open concept pavilion style in backyard

The pavilion type makes a strong statement through its tall open arch and exposed beams. This design looks particularly attractive in the beautifully rough and naturalistic red cedar material. While this is a decidedly rustic style, the open gable look is very on-trend in 2022. From what we’ve seen, this pavilion is at its best when accompanying a large sprawling deck complete with a grill or in a secluded, wooded area.

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Bell Pavilion Bell shaped pavilion styled with wicker furniture

The elegant bell-shaped drape of this roof and classic pillars are what make it such a star in any backyard. If you want an unforgettable design that will be the talk of your neighborhood, then this elegant pergola style is the one for you. The roof itself has a gentle curve that lends it the shape of a bell (hence the name bell pavilion). Of all the pergola types, this one reinforces a traditional luxury look – especially when combined with ornamental round columns and a rooftop cupola. While any material will look attractive in this design, clean white vinyl is the most popular choice for creating the upscale look.

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Regal Multi-Gable Pavilion Commercial grade pavilion type made from Cedar wood

Another style showstopper, this pavilion type is ambitious, detailed, and all-around exciting! The multi-gable pavilion gets its name (and signature look) from having four open gables around the entire structure. These gables create a truly unique profile that showcases the detailed craftwork that went into every piece. Even more upscale than a traditional open gable option, this pavilion style is perfect for accessorizing a backyard retreat or a luxury patio. Once again, we feel the open gables are best featured in the rustic yet striking look of red cedar.

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Amish Quality Is All-Important

Investing in one of our gorgeous and long-lasting pavilion structures is a much better choice than buying from a big box store. Firstly, the materials used for these products are higher quality, which means they will last longer during harsh weather conditions! On top of that, every single one of our pieces is built one at a time right here in the USA – rather than being assembled in a huge factory overseas. All of this equals a pavilion that’s more beautiful and a better long-term buy!

This Amish quality commitment also extends to our sheds, too!

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We can build you the perfect backyard pavilion to complete your deck, porch, or yard. No matter which pavilion style you like best, we can build it for you! For a free design consultation or a conversation, call our team today to get started!

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