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Popular Amish Dining Room Set Designs

Popular Amish Dining Room Set Designs

Looking for ways to incorporate a little bit of Lancaster County into your interior design?

Quality, hand-crafted Amish dining room sets and furnishings can give your home an authentic feel that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before! Made by skilled Amish craftsmen in Lancaster County, PA, B&L Woodworking’s dining room sets can turn any kitchen or dining area into a warm and welcoming display of gorgeous interior design.

Check out our collection of Amish dining room sets and see what Amish furniture can do to transform your dining space.

Common Dining Room Furniture Ideas & Styles

Whether you’re looking to further the classic feel of a traditional kitchen or add some country flair to a contemporary space, Amish dining room sets from B&L Woodworking can make any space stand out. Favored for its remarkable durability and disinvite handmade look, many prefer to furnish their dining spaces with Amish-made dining room sets.

There are several different styles from which to choose, but the two most common Amish furniture styles are the Shaker Style and the Mission Style. Despite their similarities, these two aesthetics offer subtle differences that create a range of beautiful dining room furniture ideas and designs.

Shaker Style

dining room furniture ideas

If you believe that character and style shouldn’t take a back seat to functionality, this is the dining room furniture design for you! The Shaker Style of Amish furniture design is known and loved for its subtle curvature. Often including rounded flourishes and knobs along with tapered legs, this dining room furniture design truly merges minimalism with craftsmanship for creating the ultimate vibe. A little-known advantage of Shaker Style Amish dining room sets? They tend to be lightweight and easy to move – so you can effortlessly reorganize your living space again and again until you find the perfect arrangement.

Shaker Style Amish Dining Room Furniture Is Defined By:

  • A clean, minimalist design
  • Knobs and curved features
  • Tapered Legs
  • A lighter weight and emphasis on portability

Mission Style

mission dining room furniture ideas

The Mission Style places an emphasis on durability and can be identified by thick slats and straight angles. Though it still features the telltale Amish style, Mission Style dining room furniture designs tend to have a more modernized appearance. Those looking for dining room furniture designs that combine country coziness with timeless simplicity will want to LOVE this style for their home!

Mission Style Amish Dining Room Furniture Is Defined By:

  • Defined angles and thick wooden slats
  • A sturdy build
  • Emphasis on durability rather than ornamentation

Be sure to check out our various Amish dining sets and styles online, and feel free to contact us to learn more about our work and how it can revamp your dining area.

Benefits of Amish Dining Room Furniture

amish dining room furniture

Amish dining room furniture sets marry an unmistakable style with practical simplicity, making them uniquely beneficial for living spaces of all kinds. Captivating, warm, and functional, there are plenty of benefits to Amish dining room furniture that makes it ideal for just about everyone.

There’s a modest elegance to handcrafted Amish furniture that allows it to fit in with almost any interior design scheme; these sets can complete the contemporary country look of a space, and they can also act as subtle accent pieces which invite a rustic charm into a kitchen or dining area. They are also renowned for their sturdiness and would be a perfect fit for those who don’t want to have to worry about wear and tear.

What are the benefits of Amish dining room furniture?

  • Authenticity – Amish dining room sets sold by B&L Woodworking are all made locally in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and capture an authenticity that can’t be replicated elsewhere.
  • Durability – These sets are often sought after because of their remarkable durability and incredible longevity.
  • Versatility – Mission and Shaker dining room furniture designs are extremely versatile, making them perfect for personal styles that range from trendy to traditional and everything in between!
  • Quality – Each set is handmade and showcases quality craftsmanship that will fit perfectly with a variety of dining room furniture designs

What Is the Average Cost of an Amish Dining Room Set? 

The average cost of Amish dining room furniture can vary greatly depending on several factors, though full sets generally cost several thousand dollars. That said, B&L Woodworking’s products have a reputation for unmatched quality, and many agree that there’s no substitute for the expertise of seasoned Amish craftsmanship. Contact us today to share your custom dining room furniture ideas and get a quote.

Shop Custom Dining Room Sets From B&L Woodworking

custom dining room sets

Amish dining room sets are an excellent way to add life to a dining space and introduce a cheerful, rustic feel into a home. Authentic and uncompromising, Amish dining room furniture from B&L Woodworking can transform your kitchen or dining space into a graceful gathering point in the home. Reach out today to ask a question, get a quote, or to discuss the specific dining room furniture designs you have in mind for your space.

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