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Backyard Shade Structures: Pergolas, Pavilions, & Gazebos

Backyard Shade Structures: Pergolas, Pavilions, & Gazebos

Your backyard space is nearly perfect — you love nothing more than to entertain guests or unwind there after a long day. But there’s one thing missing: shade. Backyard shade structures provide a break from the beating sun, while enhancing the style of your deck or patio. In today’s blog, we’re helping you find the perfect choice for your backyard space by highlighting the most popular choices: pergolas, pavilions, and gazebos.

At B&L Woodworking, we’re an Amish builder in New Jersey that crafts luxury structures for homeowners throughout the state. Since we build all three of these trending backyard shade structures, we’re qualified to share the pros and cons of each one. Keep reading to learn more and to see pictures of each option — or reach out to our team to get started right now!

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Find Your Perfect Covered Outdoor Structure

All three of these covered outdoor structures are fantastic, which is why we gladly build all of them! Uncovering the right choice for you is a matter of matching your aesthetic style and deciding on the practical benefits of each that will make using your backyard space more satisfying.

covered outdoor structures

If you’ve watched any number of HGTV shows or browsed Pinterest in the last year, you’ve certainly seen this covered outdoor structure featured prominently. Pergolas are instantly recognizable due to their sleek posts and signature lattice top. While the standard top on a pergola is open, a special sunshade or full roof can be added to make it a true backyard shade structure. Compared to the other two options, the slim pergola structure takes less materials and generally is the most budget-friendly option.


  • The Hottest Trend of 2021
  • Generally, Least Expensive Option
  • Slim and Sleek Style


  • Limited Shade and Weather Protection Compared to Solid Roof

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backyard shade pavilion

Similar in several ways to pergolas, pavilions use posts to support a shade roof while keeping the sides open. What sets a pavilion apart is the roof which is often finished with shingles or attractive metal panels, to provide superior protection against the elements. In addition, pavilions come in different shapes like our hexagonal bell pavilions — and the roofs often feature ornamental cupolas. When it comes to designing with this covered outdoor structure for your yard or poolside retreat, you can fit a pavilion on almost any deck or patio where a pergola would fit to provide a truly luxury flair.



  • Some Options and Accessories Can Be Expensive

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covered vinyl gazebo

Gazebos are a bit different than both pergolas and pavilions, but they are a worthy choice for anyone looking for a covered outdoor structure that provides unbeatable protection. Gazebos feature a more complete structure that includes options for walls, flooring, built-in seating, and electrical wiring. These touches can make this space an exceptional option for a comfortable outdoor dining space or seating area. In addition, gazebos tend to create more of a traditional or rustic space. While pergolas and pavilions are often used overtop outdoor grills and bars, a gazebo just doesn’t match as well with spaces like this. Instead, gazebos are better placed in the middle of a large lawn or on an open deck.


  • Unbeatable Outdoor Comfort
  • Countless Ways to Accessorize and Upgrade
  • Rustic Style


  • Tends to Be the Most Expensive Option
  • Doesn’t Fit All Spaces

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Also Building Dependable Storage Sheds

While a shed might not inspire the same style excitement as a luxury backyard shade structure, our quality storage sheds solve problems, while adding to your outdoor décor. At B&L Woodworking, we offer both wooden and vinyl sheds in a wide variety of different styles. Both our A-frame sheds and our Quaker sheds stand out as popular types that pair well with almost any house.

All of our sheds are hand built by real craftsmen out of quality materials, like genuine roof shingles and vinyl siding. The careful construction and durable materials are the reasons that our structures are able to provide decades of dependable, weatherproof storage.

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Any of our backyard shade structures will transform your beloved outdoor space. Whether you prefer a pergola, a pavilion, or a gazebo, we can build the perfect custom structure to match. If you know what you’d like, we encourage you to reach out to get prices and place your order. However, if you’re still weighing your options, talk to our team for a free design consultation — tailored to your tastes!

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