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Explore Popular Bed Frame Styles

Explore Popular Bed Frame Styles

A beautiful bed frame not only does the important job of keeping your mattress off the floor — but it can be the central style point of your whole bedroom, too. The bed design plays a crucial role in defining your bedroom’s design aesthetic. If you’re only beginning your journey to find the perfect bed frame, we can help by highlighting the styles you’ll see. Explore the most popular bed frame styles — modern, traditional, and mission — to find your favorite!

At B&L Woodworking, we’re an Amish furniture company that crafts a wide range of different styles from classics to contemporary. Take a look at the hallmarks of the most popular bed frame styles — while checking out real examples we can build for you. Keep reading to get inspired or reach out to our team to place an order!

The 3 Most Common Bed Designs

Until you start looking closely, you might think that most beds are basically the same. That couldn’t be further from the truth as there are countless stylistic differences and aesthetic touches! See what separates the three leading bed designs to consider when shopping:

bed designs Modern Bed Frame

One of the most popular and versatile bed frame styles, the modern look matches a huge variety of different bedrooms. One of the primary defining traits of the modern bed frame is the color scheme. While the traditional style bed frame is often seen in a wooden stain, modern beds often have a gray, white, or black color. Also, in line with the modern philosophy, these beds often feature strong, straight line looks, without tons of frills and ornamental carving. Lastly, since contemporary aesthetics are all about usability, modern bed frames often have built-in storage.

  • White, gray, or black color
  • Straight lines and no-frills design
  • Built-in storage
traditional bed frame styles Traditional Style Bed Frame

Beautiful, decorative, and classic, the traditional style bed frame can be absolutely fantastic in some bedrooms. The most ornamental of all of the bed frame styles, you can expect to see delicately carved headboards, foot boards, and other features. In addition, some traditional style bed frames will have posters, which are meant to hold a canopy or curtain and are a true hallmark of this historic look. Almost all beds in this style will be done in a wood stain, typically one that is dark.

  • The most ornamental design
  • Often features posters
  • Wooden stain is very popular for this style
mission style bed designs Mission Style Bed Frame

Something of a transitional style between modern and traditional, mission style bed frames feature traits of each — yet are very distinct in their own way. For example, mission bed frames often feature strong vertical or horizonal patterns, particularly on the headboard and footboard. This can look like large, carved squares or spindles. However, you’ll often see mission furniture finished with a natural wood stain — even if it may be a bit lighter than the traditional bed frame style. Another hallmark trait is the sturdy and solid feel that all of these pieces tend to have.

  • Sturdy look and feel
  • Vertical and horizontal lines
  • Wood stain is popular in the mission style
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What Do Different Bed Frame Styles Cost?

Our craftsmen build all of these different bed frame styles — but we are more than happy to custom build something just for you, too! So, whether you love a modern piece or a traditional bed frame style, we can build one just for you.

The final question we often hear is about price. While hand-built wooden furniture will be more expensive than ultra-cheap big box store options, it can be more affordable than you think. Some of our more basic king-sized bed frame designs can be yours for between $1,500 to $2,000! However, some king-sized beds with built-in storage or highly detailed carving and posters may be closer to $4,000 or $4,500!

If you’re interested in asking more questions or placing an order, please reach out to our team of woodworkers today!

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