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Dining Room Table Design

Dining Room Table Design

If you’re only planning to ever invest in one stunning piece of heirloom furniture, you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous dining room table. Your table will be the centerpiece of every event from Thanksgiving dinner, to family game nights, and countless other memories, too. Designing a fully custom table is a fantastic option for this once-in-a-lifetime purchase — check out our guide to dining room table design to see your options!

At B&L Woodworking, we’re a team of Amish furniture makers that builds a wide range of deluxe indoor furniture for people throughout New Jersey and beyond. We build beautiful furniture that complements your entire home décor, but our handmade dining room tables are always some of our favorite projects. Keep reading to learn about dining room table design — or reach out to one of our woodcrafters to discuss your custom order!

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Key Custom Dining Table Options

dining table options

When it comes to building the piece of heirloom furniture that you’ll cherish for decades and eventually pass down to your children, you want to make sure you like every single aspect. These are the essential dining table options you can decide on that will make your table truly your own:

  1. Style — One of the first decisions you’ll want to make is about the style of your table. From the sleek clean lines of the modern aesthetic to the rustic touches of the shaker style, determining the style you want will influence many of the details of the table. Everything from the table legs, to the table feet, and even the tabletop will be determined by this dining table option. The dining room where the table will be at home can help dictate the best style — so feel free to show our designers pictures of your dining room.

    Discover how to find the furniture style you like best.

  2. Shape — Without a doubt, rectangular tables are the most popular shape. The rectangular design matches well with most rooms and ensures every seat at the table is comfortable for eating. However, oval tables and tables with clipped sides are available for something a little different.
  3. Size — The next step in our dining room table design guide is a practical one. Since you’re building a fully custom table, you can set the size you want as well. We always encourage customers to opt for a slightly larger table than they’ll need rather than risking a table that is too small. In addition, we also build extension tables that can be extended with table leaves to add extra room.
  4. Wood & Stain Color — The final choice among these custom dining table options, selecting the color is a matter of choosing the species of wood used and the type of stain we apply to it. This combines to present you with a truly wide range of color opportunities. The color palette ranges from deep browns, to reddish hues, and even to light grays. Selecting the right color is a matter of your personal taste and matching the room where your table will reside for decades to come.

While these dining room table design steps may sound complicated, one of our woodcrafters will walk you through the entire process step-by-step.

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Always Count on Amish Quality

hand crafted dining room table

One of the key ways that B&L Woodworking stands out is through our ability to work with every customer to craft truly custom dining tables. The other way we set ourselves apart is through our signature Amish quality. Unfortunately, a lot of brand-name, big box store furniture starts out looking like an heirloom only to lose its luster or fall apart within a few short years. These are the essential differences that make our furniture a more reliable investment:

  1. Real Lumber — All of our indoor furniture is built from real hardwood lumber. However, the majority of cheaper tables are built using particleboard or laminate. Real wood lasts for decades and looks exceptional — while other materials fall apart.
  2. Hand-Crafted — There’s no question that craftsmanship matters. Every single one of our pieces of household furniture was built by a true craftsman in our Lancaster County, PA workshop. Compare this to big box store furniture which is built hundreds-at-a-time on assembly lines in large overseas factories.
  3. Expertly Built — On a cheaper piece of furniture, you can see how the pieces of wood were put together, whether it’s through visible nails or seams of glue. On the other hand, our craftsmen hide these connections, leaving just a beautiful finished product.

Learn more about how to recognize Amish-quality furniture — see all of our furniture buying tips right here.

Start Your Dining Room Table Design & Get Quotes

Feeling inspired to bring an heirloom piece of furniture to your home? We’d love to work with you! Custom building furniture is one of our specialties. The first step is to reach out to our team to discuss your custom dining room table design and to get a price to hand-build it just for you.

Reach out today to start the conversation with B&L Woodworking!

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