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Dormer Sheds & Other Premium Styles

Dormer Sheds & Other Premium Styles

You need a new shed to store your stuff — and you want the shed to look gorgeous, making your yard just a little more attractive. When shopping for your shed, you have ample options for upscale design touches that make it stand out in your neighborhood. Some of our most popular luxury sheds include dormer sheds (with a signature dormer above the door) as well as sheds with transoms and other distinct architectural touches.

At B&L Woodworking, we’re an Amish shed builder that crafts a wide range of high-quality structures, all of which offer unbeatable performance. While we offer a standout line of inexpensive sheds that also provide decades of weathertight performance, in today’s blog, we’re highlighting the upscale options. See our dormer sheds and so much more — or you can reach out to our team to place your order!

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Luxury Shed Ideas to Make Your Shed Stand Out

One of the best reasons to work with the custom shed builders at B&L is that we give you the ability to mix and match options to craft the exact style you love. We’re highlighting our most popular luxury shed ideas that homeowners appreciate. Check out your options — and get prices on any shed you see:

luxury shed ideas Dormers

The essential trait for our trending dormer sheds. Dormers are an extra roof structure that stands above the standard pitch of a roof and often contains a window. This architectural touch creates a distinct profile for these sheds and makes them stand out in a world of standard-looking structures.

Price Check This Shed >  shed with transom windows Transom Windows

Here’s another luxury shed idea that changes the profile of the shed in a gorgeous way. Our transom sheds feature a striking horizontal row of small windows above the primary shed door. Not only does this design feature prove to be an aesthetic X-factor, but it also provides extra natural light to make working in your shed even easier.

Price Check This Shed > luxury shed with overhang Overhang

Similar to our dormer sheds, these overhang sheds turn a small modification on the roof into big style points. By extending the roof of the shed you create a decorative profile that you’ve probably never seen before. This is a simple touch that leads to a truly eye-catching structure.

Price Check This Shed > dormer shed idea Extra Glass or Windows

An option that can be added to any of our popular shed styles, consider adding extra glass or windows to your shed design. This can be done by placing extra windows on the siding or by adding panes of glass onto the doors. Not only is this a luxury shed idea that adds a decorative touch to almost any shed, but it also provides the bonus of extra natural light.

Price Check This Shed > luxury shed with window boxes Window Boxes

Compared to many of our luxury shed ideas, this is a simple one. However, for the right homeowners it can be an effective way to showcase your personality and upgrade the façade of your shed. Adding window boxes on the front of the shed allows you to grow flowers or plants for a pop of color that you can change every spring.

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Discover a Whole Range of Outdoor Living Options

While these luxury shed ideas are a way to bring personality and style to your outdoor décor, our line of outdoor structures are designed for this very purpose. At B&L Woodworking, we craft a wide range of outdoor structures like pergolas, pavilions, and gazebos. These shade structures are designed to make your backyard more comfortable, while providing a beautiful design feature. Built from both vinyl or high-quality lumber, these structures come in a range of styles from sleek and modern to traditional.

From a quality standpoint, you can count on every piece built by the Amish craftsmen of B&L Woodworking to look amazing and to last for decades in the elements.

Looking for more outdoor inspiration? Discover some of our favorite outdoor living remodel ideas!

Get Prices on Dormer Sheds or Build Custom

Our dormer sheds are quickly becoming one of the most popular models we build — and it isn’t hard to see why! If you want to bring one of these Amish-built luxury sheds home, you’re in the right place. We encourage you to reach out to our team to discuss dimensions and to get your quote. Plus, if you want to add any extra features or you’d like to build a fully custom shed, our designers can help with that, too.

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