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Modern Dining Table Styles & Looks

Modern Dining Table Styles & Looks

A modern aesthetic and a traditional focus on hand-carved quality aren’t opposites — in fact, they go together beautifully. The centerpiece of your dining space, a dining table is the perfect place to showcase your interior décor style as well as your love of gorgeous woodworking. Discover modern dining table styles to incorporate in your custom piece of furniture right here.

At B&L Woodworking, we’re an Amish furniture company and shed builder. Hand-crafted quality is the foundation of everything we build, whether it’s a piece of furniture, a deluxe shed, or anything else. Keep reading to see options for the increasingly popular modern dining table styles — and reach out to our team to get a price to build your table!

Traits of Contemporary Dining Table Designs

contemporary dining table designs

One of these dining tables is often the finishing touch in both sleek, modern kitchens and rustic farmhouse spaces. While you have nearly unlimited possibilities for dining rooms, these are the hallmarks of contemporary dining table designs:

  1. Lighter Woods and Lighter Stains — The color you choose is often a combination of the wood species and the stain applied to it. When you build custom, you truly have a nearly unlimited range of color options. When creating a contemporary dining table design, there are several color palates you’ll likely want to stick to. A lighter wood, with a lighter and more natural stain, is one of the main choices — especially if you’re creating a modern farmhouse vibe. This is a massive contrast to the darker, richer wood stains of the more traditional design aesthetic. Even more modern, a table with a gray stain makes a beautiful statement, is undeniably up-to-date, and can match sleek, modern spaces. Of course, your final color or stain selection can also be dictated by the décor of the dining room in which the table will be placed.
  2. Straight, No-Frills Legs — This is one of the key places to distinguish a classically styled table from a modern one. On modern tables, the legs tend to be straight, squared posts that provide no-frills stability for the tabletop. Compare this to an ornate, classical style which features delicately carved legs with complex patterns. Both options are attractive — it all just depends on which one your design calls for!

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  3. Rectangular Shaped Tables — Geometric shapes and straight lines are some of the defining features of modern design…and modern dining table styles, too. Keeping with that theme, you’ll likely want your table to have a fully rectangular shape. Not only is this an effective shape for maximizing table space, but straight lines and defined corners reinforce the contemporary style you love.
  4. Live Edge — This trait of contemporary dining table designs is a true conversation starter! A living edge on a table is the term for when the natural edge of the wood is left on the table. Imagine the edge still having unfinished touches of the original wood piece. This creates both a gorgeous naturalistic style and a beautiful feeling table. While you might not immediately associate this with the no-frills modern style, it is a popular touch for many contemporary styles, including the beloved modern farmhouse. Of course, with any dramatic style choices, some people love it, and others don’t. While a live edge may be a trait of modern dining table design, it’s far from essential!

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Modern Seating Options to Match

modern dining table seating options

Going along with your contemporary dining table design is the seating options that will accompany it. For every style of table, the most popular seating option is a matching set of chairs. For a modern look, the chairs tend to have tall backs, no arm supports and will very likely not be upholstered. Of course, just like with any piece of custom furniture, you can specify exactly what you want the chairs to look like.

Chairs aren’t the only option — many homeowners and designers love using one or more benches for seating as well. This addition is particularly popular when creating the charming look of the modern farmhouse. For a unified style, you can match the bench to both the chairs and the table. The most popular configuration involves pairing four chairs with a long bench.

Take a closer look at custom table options here!

Build a Modern Dining Room Table

Whether you love the look of a sleek European-inspired space, the charm of a modern farmhouse, or another interior décor style, we can help you create it in your own home. We encourage you to reach out to our team to discuss modern dining table styles and design your very own heirloom quality table! Give us a call, fill out our form, or send us an email to get started!

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