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Outdoor Living Remodel Ideas to Make You Love Your Yard Again

Outdoor Living Remodel Ideas to Make You Love Your Yard Again

Do you have a medium-sized budget, but yet maximum ideas? Sound familiar? An all-too-common struggle for most homeowners! Don’t worry, B&L Woodworking is here to help! When it comes to an outdoor living remodel, we believe that it should be affordable, usable every day, and uniquely beautiful. That’s why we put together a comprehensive guide to budget-backyard renovations. Check out our list of ideas for inexpensive backyard makeovers — or reach out to one of our designers to plan your dream outdoor space!

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8 Ways to Complete an Inexpensive Backyard Makeover

Sometimes all you need to create your dream backyard is a little night lighting, patio furniture, and new landscaping. However, sometimes you need just a little bit more! Our outdoor living remodel ideas pull from practicality, durability, return on investment, and overall style.

Take a look at some of our inexpensive backyard makeover tips:

outdoor living remodel with pergola
Show Some Shade

Is it possible to create a shady oasis that doubles as a seating area? Yes — and a pergola is the perfect answer! Caring for and cleaning a pergola is easy, and the added elegance to your yard is truly unsurpassed.

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inexpensive backyard makeover
Have a Seat

Our next inexpensive backyard makeover idea comes to you with NO labor involved. Upgrading your lawn furniture can make all the difference between drab and dramatic. The hardest thing you’ll have to do after buying your favorite outdoor furniture is to tell your spouse which direction to place it.

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potted plants for inexpensive backyard makeover
Grow Your Green Thumb

Nothing completes a unique outdoor living remodel like a pinch of plant life. The possibilities are endless when it comes to mixing and matching flower designs! An added bonus: grow a lavish courtyard or repel mosquitoes with plants like basil or lavender.

stone path built for outdoor living remodel
Stone Path

A garden isn’t necessary for this next outdoor living remodel idea, but it sure does look gorgeous with polished landscaping around it! Go classic by creating a meandering pathway with stone or brick, or test your creative design abilities by using unconventional materials such as wood pallets or marbled tile.

backyard makeover products
Pavilion Perfection

If yours is the house everyone seems to congregate to for summer BBQ’s, pool parties, or happy hours, you undoubtedly want a pavilion. Casually practical, yet upscale enough to boast elegance, this investment is just the thing to make your outdoor living remodel say, “Come on over!” to friends and family.

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inexpensive backyard makeover with hammock
Hang Out

Creative seating? No problem! No furniture is more fun, affordable, and portable than a hammock. String up one or several around your yard for a boho look that inspires. This inexpensive backyard makeover idea is one of the most affordable — averaging anywhere from $50 to $250! Whether you attach it between big trees or opt for the free-standing variety, you and your guests will love it!

outdoor living remodel with vinyl gazebo
Go with a Gazebo

Gazebos are a fun, whimsical backyard feature that will last for years to come. These elaborate structures provide fantastic shade as well as built-in seating. In addition, since gazebos are a unique option, they will become the centerpiece of your outdoor living space and a real conversation starter.

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waterfall wall inexpensive backyard makeover add-on
Sound Therapy

Adding a soothing water feature to your outdoor living remodel could be something elaborate like a waterfall wall, or something simple like a fountain. This inexpensive backyard makeover add-on is particularly appealing to those who are along busy streets or have small children, since the fountain water produces a peaceful white noise as well as a beautiful look.

Unbeatable Amish Quality

At B&L Woodworking, we are dedicated to two things: the gorgeous styles that transform your yard and exceptional quality in everything we build. Whether you trust us to provide your pavilion, pergola, or gazebo, you can count on true handmade Amish craftsmanship. This means your backyard structures will look more beautiful when new — and last for decades. Simply put, investing in real Amish quality structures is the perfect choice for your outdoor living remodel.

Where to Buy Outdoor Living Remodel Products

At B&L Woodworking, we may be experts in handmade furniture, but we’re also pros at creating beautiful backyard hangouts. If you’re ready to start your outdoor living remodel, we’re here to help.

Shop our collection of affordable backyard structures like pergolas, gazebos, lawn furniture, pavilions, pool houses, and more! Amish-crafted quality and quick delivery means you’ll get a long-lasting product in a short time frame. Order soon to get your dream backyard achieved in time for summer!

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