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Poolside Shade Structures: Pergolas, Pavilions, & Cabanas

Poolside Shade Structures: Pergolas, Pavilions, & Cabanas

Every summer your pool becomes the go-to destination for friends and family! Spending time poolside is the perfect solution for almost every birthday celebration, dinner party, and weekend gathering. The right accessories and add-ons can bring extra style and comfort to the swimming pool you love. We’re highlighting the leading choices for poolside shade structures, including pergolas, pavilions, and cabanas!

At B&L Woodworking, our outdoor products combine the timeless quality of Amish craftsmanship with the style-forward aesthetic homeowners want. All of our options for poolside shade structures offer a striking visual style as well as some degree of sun coverage. Keep reading to find inspiration for your backyard or talk to our team right now to plan your piece and get prices!

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Pool Area Ideas for Comfort & Style

Reinvesting in your beloved in-ground pool is one of the best ways to make your home more desirable and to make swimming and lounging out back even more satisfying. These pool area ideas center on pergolas, pavilions, or cabanas with the same goal — bringing beauty and comfort to your pool!

pool area ideas Shaded Seating Space

Simple, effective, and absolutely beautiful — this is a pool area idea that can enhance any space. Placing a full-coverage pavilion (with open sides) in close proximity to the pool provides a handful of benefits. Firstly, it allows you to lounge in the shade without missing what’s going on in the water — which is particularly important for parents. In addition, this shaded space can also work as an outdoor dining area for eating your meals poolside, just like at a resort!

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See even more of our favorite pavilion ideas!

poolside pergola structure Sleek Luxury Accent

When the only thing your backyard pool needs to be perfect is a vertical touch to enhance the look, this is just the thing. Placing a pergola poolside creates an immediate upscale ambience that makes a big impact. From a distance, the sleek and tall profile of the pergola provides an added visual dimension to the space. If you need an extra shade structure, simply customize your new pergola with a shade canopy!

Get a Quote on this Pergola > poolside shade structure with bar Covered Poolside Bar

This pool area idea is a true gamechanger. These structures combine the solid roof and structure of a pavilion with a built-in bar. Not only will this poolside shade structure provide the comfort of complete shade, but it offers so much more. The fully functional built-in bar feels like a five-star resort pool, dropped in your own backyard!

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Looking to re-invent your whole yard? Check out our outdoor living remodel ideas!

pool area with private changing cabana Private Changing Cabana

Being able to get changed directly by your pool is one of the ultimate convenience factors. A fully-enclosed cabana space makes this a reality. While you’ll primarily use this space for changing clothes without heading back into the house, you can also throw the doors open and make your cabana a shaded poolside overlook. These practical benefits come with the stylistic advantage of bringing another high-end touch to your pool!

Get a Quote on this Cabana > pool area idea with cabana and bar Cabana with Overhang Combo

Love the convenience of a cabana while inspired by a covered bar? There’s a poolside structure that does both! One of our favorite pool area ideas, this kind of structure means you don’t have to compromise or just choose one type. These combo spaces provide the best of both styles — paired with a jaw-dropping design. You can even add the lattice of a pergola onto these spaces for a truly luxury accent!

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Trust Us for Quality & Customization

Not only is your in-ground pool and backyard space one of your favorite parts of your home, but it’s also an area for investment in your property. It only makes sense that you’d want to make certain that any addition to your backyard space will be well-built, match the look of your space, and look amazing for decades.

To ensure that our pieces match your unique pool area ideas, we offer the possibility for complete customization. On top of that, all of our high-quality pieces (like pergolas and pavilions) live up to the standard of Amish construction, and you can depend on them to look fantastic for years to come!

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Feeling inspired to make your pool even more stunning, more comfortable, and more a reflection of your personal style? Our team is standing by to help. The first step is a conversation with our experienced designers. Not only will we help you refine your vision, but we’ll give you the turnkey price to bring your poolside shade structure home!

Reach out right now to talk to our experts!

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