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Popular Gazebo Designs & Color Schemes

Popular Gazebo Designs & Color Schemes

Gazebos have graced backyards, neighborhood parks, and wedding venues for countless decades. There’s just something about the beautiful simplicity of these structures that welcome us to relax and enjoy nature’s wonders. If you’ve ever thought about adding a gazebo to your own backyard, you probably have lots of questions, particularly when it comes to gazebo designs and available color schemes.

Get ready to be inspired as we share popular gazebo designs and color schemes, along with some current trends. We hope our picks help you design the perfect backyard gazebo for your backyard space.

Our Favorite Gazebo Styles

When it comes to gazebo styles, shape is the best place to start. Most modern gazebos come in octagon, rectangle, and oval shapes. While octagon-shaped gazebos are the most popular, the modern look of rectangular gazebos is gaining traction. Check out examples of both octagon and rectangle gazebo styles to see the unique possibilities for each.

Vinyl Octagon Gazebo with Cupola

Vinyl Octagon Gazebo

This picturesque vinyl octagon gazebo adds warmth and charm to this backyard space with uniquely colored cupola and rubber slate shingles in Stone Red. Standard, flat-style railings give this gazebo a modern feel. The deck-style flooring complements the overall color scheme, creating an inviting space to relax and recharge.

Rectangular Vinyl Gazebo with Rustic Evergreen Shingled Roof

Rectangular Vinyl Gazebo

This rectangular gazebo exudes modern style with standard braces and straight rails, while the shingled Evergreen roof adds rustic charm. Featuring a metal screen package and roomy interior, this gazebo style is perfect for outdoor entertaining or a quiet evening with the family.

Cedar Octagon Gazebo with Pagoda Roof

Cedar Octagon Gazebo

Made from rich cedar wood, this octagon gazebo features a pagoda roof for added panache. Victorian-style braces and turned spindle rails add elegance and charm. Finished with a cedar stain, this gazebo conjures images of tea in the English countryside.

Rectangular Cedar Gazebo with Pagoda Roof and Victorian Braces

Rectangular Cedar Gazebo

Built with the richness of cedar wood, this rectangular gazebo features a pagoda roof with Oxford Gray shingles along with Victorian braces for added style and elegance. Straight rails add a sleek, modern touch. The cedar wood was finished with a clear coat to preserve the wood’s natural beauty.

Screened Cedar Octagon Gazebo

Screened Cedar Octagon Gazebo

This cedar octagon gazebo offers an elegant, yet rustic charm that’s both simple and functional. Standard braces and rails are combined with a metal screen package for added protection from insects on warm summer evenings.

While these examples are some of our favorite gazebo styles, there are many more ways to combine design elements to make your gazebo your own. In fact, small changes to roof color, brace and railing style or flooring can dramatically change the gazebo design feel. Keep that in mind when you’re ready to customize your own gazebo.

Trending Gazebo Color and Style Ideas

Looking for more gazebo style ideas? One of the best ways to show off your design style is through the colors you choose for your gazebo. Yes, that’s right. Gazebo colors are more diverse than ever including rich shades of red, green and blue, along with standard neutral colors like tan, grey, or black. Researching trending gazebo color ideas will spark your imagination. Get inspired by these unique gazebo color combinations.

Ready to explore your own gazebo colors? Check out more gazebo color ideas at B&L Woodworking.

Bring Your Gazebo Designs to Life with B&L Woodworking

We hope our favorite gazebo designs inspired you and gave you ideas for your own gazebo project. At B&L Woodworking we specialize in high-quality gazebos, outdoor structures, and handmade Amish furniture. Located in Princeton, NJ, we’re here to help you get the most from your backyard in every season. Our gazebo builder is a great way to start customizing your gazebo right away. Want to talk with someone first? Contact our team to get started!

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