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Shed Color Ideas that You’ll Love

Shed Color Ideas that You’ll Love

First and foremost, your new shed is going to provide the safe watertight storage you desperately need. That doesn’t mean it can’t also be an attractive addition to your outdoor décor. The unique color combo you choose is one of the main factors that influences the sense of style. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting some of the most popular shed color ideas that complete beautiful backyards all over the state and beyond.

At B&L Woodworking, we’re Amish shed builders that craft high-quality structures that stand up to the elements and have a distinctly striking look. Keep reading to see a few of the possibilities for style-forward shed color ideas. However, if you’re ready to take the next step right now, reach out to get pricing for your deluxe garden shed!

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Our Most Popular Shed Color Schemes

In addition to the type of shed, the shed color scheme you choose creates the look. Whether you want something bold and modern or more reserved, the choice is yours. These are some of the in-demand shed color schemes we often recommend:

shed color schemes
Tan and White

This particular shed color idea is the definition of safe but satisfying. These sheds fit in anywhere and pair well with almost any outdoor style — and they look great doing it. The tan siding of the shed works well with the white trim and accents to create a look that mirrors many suburban homes. The versatility of this combo makes it a very popular choice.

gray, red, and white shed color ideas
Gray, Red, and White

The bold red door makes a striking impact right off the bat. When partnered with the cool gray siding, that dramatic effect is magnified. In addition, the subtle white trim and accents make the other colors look even sharper. This is a fantastic choice for homeowners who want a statement piece shed.

brown and white shed color schemes
Brown and White

There is something timeless and old-fashioned about this shed color scheme. The white trim and shutters really enhance the richness of the dark brown siding material. This color combo has a classical — but not rustic — sensibility to it that can be a perfect fit for certain homes and yard aesthetics.

green and tan shed color ideas
Green and Tan

This attractive color combination can make even a fairly simple shed design a truly standout piece. The green shed base is a safe enough choice to match with neutral outdoor aesthetics. In addition, the tan trim color nicely complements the green shade while proving a perfect match to a tan home, which is one of the most common siding colors.

white and black shed color schemes
White and Black

While most of the shed color schemes we’re showing off have at least one bold color or one rich hue, this style is different. A black and white shed is actually a popular complement for modern houses that are looking for a unique shed to pair with their unique house. In addition, for homes that have vibrant siding colors, the muted black and white colors balance it out nicely.

Style Matters — Shed Quality Matters, Too

There’s no question that style is absolutely important — that’s why we dedicated a whole blog to it. However, making sure you have a shed that lasts for decades is even more crucial. From our perspective, if you invested in the storage and flexibility of a quality shed, you should be able to get 15 to 20 years from it at the very minimum.

At B&L Woodworking, we’re a dedicated shed builder, which is why we feel confident to say that our structures will outperform the average hardware option. Firstly, our structures are built from the same building materials as a house, including: real architectural shingles, vinyl windows, pressure-treated wood, or weatherproof vinyl siding. Second, our sheds are hand-crafted by experienced craftsmen in a workshop, not slapped together on assembly lines hundreds-at-a-time.

Simply put: when you buy from B&L Woodworking, you don’t have to compromise quality for backyard style.

Learn more about the 5 traits of quality storage sheds.

Discuss Your Shed Color Ideas & Get Quotes

Did one of our shed color ideas grab your attention? Perfect — we’d love to build it for you! However, if you’ve envisioned a unique shed color scheme, we’d love to discuss your ideas with you. Either way, the next step is to reach out to our designers to talk styles and prices!

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