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Most Popular Shed Styles: Which Do You Like Best?

Most Popular Shed Styles: Which Do You Like Best?

Chances are you’re buying a new storage shed because you have too much stuff — and you need some storage. However, hunting for a new storage shed can be fun! From choosing the color combo to selecting the shed style, you’re shopping for something that will enhance your outdoor décor for years to come.

At B&L Woodworking, we’re an Amish shed builder crafting a huge variety of different models. In today’s blog, we’re profiling the most popular shed types we sell to help you find your favorite. Keep reading to see our in-demand shed styles — or reach out right now to get pricing on sheds.

4 Favorite Types of Sheds We Sell

We build a wide variety of different types of sheds to complete your personal outdoor décor. These are the shed styles that homeowners want in 2020:

type of 10x14 a-frame vinyl shed A-Frame Shed

The classic American shed style, an A-frame offers a great look and ample storage space. This shed stands out due to its low sloped roof, the pair of vinyl windows, and the vinyl shutters. One of the reasons this shed has become such a classic is that it is very easily matched with the style and color scheme of your home. Even better, this shed style often checks in at an affordable price point.

10x14 dutch barn shed style Dutch Barn

If you always felt you were meant to own a farm or a ranch, you may have found your new favorite shed in the Dutch barn. Evoking the rustic look of a country barn, this type of shed is preferred by homeowners who want their yards to stand out with a distinct rustic flair. Dutch barns are available in a wide variety of sizes and often come with two vinyl windows.

type of 10x12 cape shed Cape Sheds

Cape sheds stand out thanks to their steeper roofs and some of the custom, charming style options. One of the most unique parts of this shed type, you can add a porch and additional door onto the front of your cape shed. This makes the cape type of shed look even more like a house, perfect for matching the look to your home — and having a shed that truly looks like no other!

10x16 quaker shed style Quaker Sheds

A special take on our A-frame models, this type of shed offers all of the beautiful simplicity of the A-frame with a few key additions. Firstly, you’ll notice that the roof overhang makes this model look a bit different from your average garden shed. In addition, all Quaker sheds come with extra space for a loft and additional storage. This combination of a classic style paired with a unique touch — and extra storage — makes this one of the best sheds that EVERYONE can agree on!

These are just a few of our standout shed models — see all of our outdoor storage sheds right here.

What to Expect from All B&L Woodworking Sheds

While we offer types of sheds that vary greatly, there are a few key advantages you can expect from ANY B&L Woodworking shed. Since all of our sheds are hand-built by Amish craftsmen, they WILL be built with better materials and to a higher standard of quality than those you can find in a big box store.

Firstly, our sheds are built using the same building materials as a home, which contributes to their longevity. The roofs are built using real architectural shingles, the windows are made of vinyl just like a house, and the siding is made of pressure-treated wood or long-lasting vinyl.

Unlike sheds you’ll find at a hardware store, our structures are built by real Amish craftsmen in workshops rather than mass-produced in huge factories — usually thousands at a time. Our handcrafted approach ensures you’ll get a shed that was carefully built and is ready to provide you decades of water-tight storage.

No matter what style or type of shed you like, when you shop from B&L Woodworking, you can trust that the true Amish quality will be there.

Visit Our Showroom to Find Your Shed Style

While a picture may say a thousand words, seeing our sheds in person can do so much more. If you’re still trying to find your favorite shed styles, a visit to our showroom is in order. There you can see our different shed models up close and discuss your needs and budget with a knowledgeable member of our team.

If you’re ready to take the next step, we’re here to help. Reach out today to get prices on your favorite sheds!

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