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Sheds for Mowers: Find Your Model

Sheds for Mowers: Find Your Model

Investing in a good lawn mower can make your life easier and your lawn more attractive. Whether you have a push mower, riding tractor, or a zero turn mower, keeping it protected from the elements is an important part of keeping your mower in top shape. We’re exploring the most popular sheds for mowers — and making recommendations based on your mower type.

At B&L Woodworking, we’re an Amish builder that specializes in sheds and luxury outdoor structures. One of the most common reasons that people buy our sheds is to store lawn mowers — so we have ample experience giving advice. Keep reading to check out different sheds for mowers and to start shopping today!

Small Lawn Mower Shed for Push Mower

small lawn mower shed Our Pick: Quaker Shed

For smaller yards, a push mower can be the only tool you need. However, just because they are smaller doesn’t mean they are cheap and shouldn’t be stored properly. For a push mower, we recommend a small lawn mower shed. Almost any shed will work as a small lawn mower shed for push mowers, but one of the favorites is our Quaker model shed. This shed will easily accommodate your mower and provide ample extra space for other tools and essential storage. Plus, the elegant style is a fit in almost any backyard, and you’ll enjoy plenty of natural light thanks to the added windows!

  • Room for extra storage
  • Attractive style
  • Natural light
Shop Quaker Sheds >

Riding Mower Shed

riding mower shed Our Pick: Mini Barn

For a riding mower shed, the most important thing is to make sure the double door is on the smaller side of the shed. This gives you the space to park the mower without having to worry about turning it inside the shed. In addition, having a ramp is crucial for riding mower sheds as it adds the convenience of being able to drive right into the shed and park. One of the best models for this is our mini barn as it provides serious depth and is very affordable! The mini barn style has a variety of advantages and provides some of the most square footage for the price point!

  • You can drive right in with your riding mower
  • Comes with a ramp
  • Very affordable for its size
Shop Mini Barns >

Shed for Zero Turn Lawn Mower

shed for zero turn lawn mower Our Pick: Dormer Shed

Zero turn mowers are the undisputed choice of the professionals — and they are increasingly in-demand with homeowners, too. If you have a zero turn, you’ll want the best shed for a zero turn mower, too. While many of the same points of the riding mower shed apply, there are a few differences that matter here. You’ll certainly want a ramp and the door on the shorter side of the shed so you can drive right in. However, since zero turn mowers tend to have a wide deck, you’ll want to make sure the shed and the doors are wide enough to accommodate it. Our dormer model is a great shed for zero turn lawn mowers as it has generous dimensions and a beautiful look. Plus, the windows provide ample natural light to make working on your mower comfortable.

  • Can pull right into this shed for mowers
  • Comes with a ramp
  • Added width & generous dimensions
  • Natural light
  • Upscale style
Shop Dormer Sheds >

Why Amish Quality Matters

When it comes to sheds for mowers, quality is just as important as the style you choose. You want a shed that will provide decades of reliable watertight storage. That’s why finding a hand-built Amish shed is so essential.

While you may be able to find a cheaper, bottom-line price from a big box store, that structure is very unlikely to provide the same level of longevity or quality. But why is that exactly? Good question — there are two big factors to consider:

  1. Construction Skill — All of our buildings, from a small lawn mower shed to a riding mower shed, are built in the USA by Amish craftsmen. We pay attention to detail and deliver standout quality every time. Many of those big box store sheds are built in huge factories overseas with little to no quality control.
  2. Material Quality — Every single one of our sheds are built from high-quality building materials, such as vinyl siding and asphalt shingles. While we use the same type of materials used to build houses, many cheaper sheds cut corners with the materials, and it shows!

Learn more about the 5 traits of quality sheds!

Shop Sheds for Mowers

Did one of these sheds for mowers catch your eye? We’d love to build it for you! We encourage you to reach out to talk to our team about any of the sheds you saw here. However, you also have the option to design a completely custom shed, paired to your mower size and sense of style.

When you’re ready, contact us to get started and get quotes on all of these sheds!

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