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Shopping Guide: Vinyl Shed vs Wood Shed

Shopping Guide: Vinyl Shed vs Wood Shed

Every single shed built by B&L Woodworking will provide you decades of watertight storage and a great sense of backyard style. No matter what shed you bring home, we know you’ll love the look and the performance of it. One of the biggest choices you need to make is deciding between a vinyl shed vs a wood shed – which is the focus of this shopping guide.
At B&L Woodworking, we’re a top rated shed builder in NJ that crafts a wide range of different style sheds. Check out our breakdown of vinyl sheds vs wood sheds and get a quote to bring either one home!


Finding the Best Shed Material for You

The two most popular shed siding materials are vinyl and wood. We’re breaking down the benefits of each to help you find the best shed material for you.

We compare vinyl sheds vs wood sheds:

Maintenance Needs Vinyl shed vs wood shed

There’s no question: your shed has a tough job to do. A little bit of maintenance and care can keep it looking and performing its best for decades to come. Wooden sheds will need to be repainted or re-stained every decade to prevent the rot and mold that will cause serious damage. Vinyl sheds, on the other hand, are immune to both of those problems – and only need to be hosed down to remove dirt every once in a while.

🎉 Winner: Vinyl


Longevity Best shed material for garden shed

One of the elements of the best shed material is how long it lasts. Even with all of the maintenance in the world, a wooden shed is very unlikely to ever match the lifespan of a vinyl shed. That’s because vinyl is such a durable material that is resistant to what the elements throw at it. While both shed types will last for decades, you should expect wooden sheds to survive around 25 years – while vinyl sheds last for 30+ years!

🎉Winner: Vinyl


Price High quality wood shed material

For some budget-conscious homeowners, the vinyl sheds vs wood sheds comparison comes down to this. While both of our sheds are competitively priced, wood-sided sheds will be more affordable than their vinyl counterparts. Our wooden sheds cost approximately 15% to 20% less than our vinyl options. For some homeowners who love the style of wood siding more, this savings can be enough to finalize their decision!

🎉Winner: Wood


Matching Your House Vinyl shed material

When it comes to choosing everything about shed style and aesthetic, your preference is the only thing that matters. Both vinyl and wood sheds look absolutely gorgeous and come in a wide range of different colors. When deciding on style, make sure to consider matching your shed to your house. By pairing the trim, color, and material with your home, you create a unified and attractive looking aesthetic. If you have a vinyl home, you’ll want to pick a vinyl shed – if you have a wooden home, choose a wooden shed. See more about your custom shed options!

🎉Winner: Tie


Never Compromise on Amish Quality

While looking for the best shed material is important, just know that whichever style you choose, you’ll be satisfied with your shed from B&L Woodworking. When it comes to a shed or any other outdoor structure, the only thing you can’t compromise on is quality – and neither do we.

Best sheds with quality materials

Although many big box stores and retail hardware chains sell sheds for cut-rate prices, you want to use caution with these options. These sheds are notorious for having manufacturing defects and falling apart after just a few seasons in the elements. That’s because our Amish sheds are built by experienced craftsmen out of the same materials used to build houses. Those other sheds are put together in huge factories overseas from bottom-of-the-barrel materials.

Learn more about the traits of a quality storage shed!


Get Quotes on Vinyl Sheds & Wood Sheds

If you’re still not sure which shed you want after reading our vinyl shed vs wood shed breakdown, you can always get a price on both! If you’re ready to get your quote or ask any questions, our knowledgeable team is standing by!

Contact us right now to get started!

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