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Vinyl Sided Sheds: True No-Maintenance Storage

Vinyl Sided Sheds: True No-Maintenance Storage

The very best storage sheds don’t just provide space to store your stuff — they solve problems. We’ve seen it from countless customers: the extra watertight square footage that a shed provides organizes their home or garage, protects costly lawn tools, and makes life easier all around. Since easy is good for busy people, maintenance-free vinyl sided sheds are the most popular option — and the focus of today’s blog.

At B&L Woodworking, we’re an Amish shed builder in New Jersey that provides homeowners throughout the state with exceptional quality outdoor products. While we proudly sell both wood and vinyl sided sheds, the vinyl options offer a few key stylistic and practical advantages. Learn more about this in-demand shed type — or reach out to get prices right now!

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All About Our No-Maintenance Sheds

Any outdoor shed you buy from B&L Woodworking will provide you more than a decade of weathertight storage — guaranteed! However, only our vinyl product line qualifies as true no-maintenance sheds that last for decades without needing serious maintenance. Most homeowners are sold when they hear that benefit alone, but there are a few other unexpected reasons to choose a vinyl sided shed:

  1. Maintenance-Free Material — No-maintenance sheds start with no-maintenance material. The vinyl siding that our sheds are built from is the same vinyl siding that the vast majority of new American homes are built from. Just like your home, our vinyl sheds will never require major work no matter how long you have one. This is a contrast to wooden sheds which will need to be repainted or re-stained every few years.
  2. Matches Vinyl Homes — Since most homes are made of vinyl, choosing a vinyl sided shed provides an excellent opportunity to coordinate styles. Closely matching the siding color and trim color of a shed to a home creates a beautiful color scheme that enhances your curb appeal. This color siding coordination is most-effective and most attractive in vinyl.

    Check out our favorite shed color ideas!

  3. Immune to Rot and Mold — The reason shed maintenance is so crucial is that it prevents the possibility of rot and mold. However, our vinyl no-maintenance sheds are completely immune to both of these issues. Not only does this mean you have one less outdoor chore to worry about, but it also means you can count on your shed lasting even longer.

    Every single one of our sheds (vinyl or wood) is a high-quality handmade structure — learn more about handmade sheds vs. hardware store sheds.

  4. Looks New for Longer — The vibrant color scheme of your shed plays a big role towards enhancing the style of your yard. Compared to the paint and stain of wooden siding, vinyl retains its crisp and new appearance for far longer. If you choose a lighter colored shed that shows dirt, simply wash it with dish soap and a hose as needed.
  5. Lasts for Decades — You can count on a no-maintenance shed from B&L to last you multiple decades — no exaggeration! The weatherproof durability of vinyl siding paired with careful construction goes into every single structure we build. This is the difference that comes from investing in high-quality Amish construction. Like we said, the goal is to solve problems and solve them for good!

Want to bring all of these advantages and decades of performance to your backyard? Fill out our form or give us a call to get your custom price quote.

Luxury Structures to Enhance Your Yard

Our sheds are just the beginning! If you want to enhance the look, comfort, and usability of your outdoor living spaces, we build a spectrum of luxury outdoor structures for that very purpose. Our pergolas provide a sleek profile and partial shade, and they have become one of the most in-demand options for outdoor living spaces. Backyard pavilions pair full coverage from the rain and sun and are the perfect addition to a deck, a patio, or a mid-yard retreat. Finally, gazebos are one of our signature products and can be customized to match your exact style, as well as provide the extras that change how you’ll use it.

As is the case with our handmade sheds, everything we sell and install has been hand-built by an Amish craftsman. Firstly, this ensures the highest level of construction quality, but it also means that you have the ability to request any and all custom touches you’d like to see!

Get Prices on Vinyl Sided Sheds Now

Owning one of our vinyl sided sheds is extremely easy — and so is buying one! The B&L Woodworking team makes it easy to design your custom shed and get prices to bring it to your backyard. If you’re ready for the next step, our team is standing by to help. Give us a call, send us an email, or fill out our form — we’ll do all the rest!

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