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What Style Furniture Do I Like?

What Style Furniture Do I Like?

Life is full of choices — and furniture shopping is no exception! Asking yourself, “What style furniture do I like?” is the important first step towards commissioning any heirloom-quality furniture. However, this question can be tough to answer when you don’t quite know what the different furniture style options are! While you know you’ll never sacrifice quality, you still have ample style options and countless color combinations to choose from. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting the differences in shaker vs. mission style furniture, and how to tell which you prefer.

At B&L Woodworking, we build a wide range of Amish furniture including modern, mission, and shaker styles. Discover the differences between these highly popular shaker vs. mission styles and determine which option matches your personality, your current furniture, and your personal style! However, if you’d rather talk to an expert, simply reach out right now to start the conversation with one of our furniture designers!

Shaker Vs. Mission Style Furniture

A lot of people want to know the differences in shaker vs. mission style furniture — and rightfully so! They’re both similarly styled, gorgeous, traditional pieces of wooden furniture with an affordable price tag.

When comparing shaker vs. mission style furniture, the difference truly is in the details. Here are a few distinct ways to spot the differences:

shaker style furniture Shaker Style Furniture

Traditionally, shaker style furniture is made with local, American woods like Pine, Maple, Cherry, and more. Homeowners with a minimalist design eye tend to favor the shaker’s simple style and functionality. With its delicate yet sturdy appearance, shaker style furniture is a type of furniture many relaxed homeowners like. Typically, shaker style furniture includes slightly tapered legs, simple straight lines, and rounded knobs.

Shop Shaker Dining Room Furniture mission style furniture Mission Style Furniture

Think of mission style furniture as the clean-cut, simple-elegance look. Known for its square spindles and plain designs, the mission style still finds its way into the hearts and homes of many shoppers. It is usually constructed with Oak and has a long lifespan for that reason. While shaker pieces are somewhat more minimalist and modern, mission style furniture tends to look a bit more ornamental. This is primarily because of its thick heavy carving and the abundance of vertical lines. See a few of our favorite mission style furniture pieces for sale! This generally plain style has become a hallmark of new colonial and craftsman style homes.

Shop Mission Bedroom Furniture

Find the Style Furniture You Like

Now that the shaker vs. mission style furniture questions have been answered, it’s time to decide which style of furniture you like best! When customers come to our showroom asking, “What style furniture do I like?”, we always start by asking them to consider these three questions:

  1. What type of home do you have? — Generally, a more modern or contemporary home will be best accentuated with shaker style pieces or even more modern options. However, older homes can look exceptional when filled out with mission or even classical furniture.
  2. What is your home décor style? — The way you decorate your home — from the color palettes to the trim — can actually be a guide to finding your furniture style. If you’re not sure what your style is, you can show us pictures and our designers can make a recommendation.
  3. Is there existing furniture in the home you want to match? — For many homeowners only looking to add one new piece of furniture to their décor, it’s best to match the prevailing style of furniture throughout the room.

By narrowing down what your home already looks like, or by defining the dreams you hope it can look like someday, we can help you find where you stand on the shaker vs. mission style furniture scale. After a few questions and conversations, we then continue by showing interested homeowners some examples of shaker and mission furniture pieces.

Defining Your Furniture Style: Shaker vs. Mission Style Furniture

shaker vs mission style furniture

At B&L Woodworking, our team is ready to assist you as you browse our furniture online. Whether you’ve been able to hone in on your furniture style thanks to this blog or if you’re still wavering between shaker vs. mission style furniture, we’re here to make the entire process easier!

If you’re ready to place your order, feel free to get your price now — however, if you still have questions, our experts are here to help. Reach out to start the conversation about your new heirloom today!

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