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Amish Pergola Price Breakdown: Vinyl & Wood

Amish Pergola Price Breakdown: Vinyl & Wood

A beautiful backyard pergola can be the feature that dresses up your deck, transforms your patio, or adds excitement to your yard. If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve seen a whole lot of this eye-catching outdoor accessory, but you may still have one big question: what do they cost? An Amish pergola price depends primarily on the size of the structure, what it’s made from, and if any accessories are used. We’re breaking down all of these factors in today’s blog!

At B&L Woodworking, we sell a wide range of high-quality Amish products, including luxury outdoor structures. Not only are all of our pieces beautiful, but they are built to offer decades of style out in the elements, too. Keep reading to take a look at our average Amish pergola price breakdown to see roughly what you’ll pay for your dream accessory!

How Much Do Pergolas Cost?

As a popular outdoor pavilion and pergola dealer in New Jersey, homeowners often bring us their questions after seeing these structures at a friend’s house or on HGTV. One of the most common questions we hear from interested homeowners is, “How much do pergolas cost?”. The answer can differ widely based on a few key factors like the material (wood or vinyl) and the size. These Amish pergola prices may be averages, but they can be a great estimate when starting your project:

how much do pergolas cost Timber Pergola Cost

Our timber models offer the stately profile of a pergola paired with rustic style. The beautiful look of the natural wood is what makes these pergolas a popular choice for many homeowners. On top of that, you can choose a wide variety of different stain colors that each create a different ambience. You’ll notice that when it comes to the issue of how much do pergolas cost, wooden options tend to be about 30% less expensive than a similarly sized vinyl pergola.

  • 10’X12’ timber pergola: around $4,200
  • 12’X16’ timber pergola: around $5,300
  • 12’X20’ timber pergola: around $6,700
Get Your Timber Pergola Quote > vinyl pergola price Vinyl Pergola Cost

The clean and elegant look of vinyl pergolas can make a huge style impact on your outdoor living space. The smooth vinyl of a pergola looks immaculate up close and is guaranteed to stay that way without needing any serious maintenance on your part. So, in addition to having a true luxury look, vinyl pergolas are also the practical choice to buy as they will never require re-painting or re-staining to look like new! Reflecting these advantages as well as the raw cost of premium vinyl, this style will cost slightly more.

  • 10’X12’ vinyl pergola: around $6,000
  • 12’X16’ vinyl pergola: around $8,000
  • 12’X20’ vinyl pergola: around $9,800
Get Your Vinyl Pergola Quote >

One other thing to note is that these Amish pergola price lists are for free-standing pergolas — rather than attached ones. While attached pergolas are generally less popular, they are perfect for some spaces and generally cost about 15% less. To further elevate the structure and protect areas from sun and rain, many homeowners accessorize with a retractable pergola canopy. This add-on increases your final price point by approximately $2,500.

Choosing Between a Vinyl and Wooden Piece

Size and material are the two biggest factors when figuring out how much do pergolas cost in almost every case. Since pergola sizes are matched to the backyard space you want to accessorize, you have less leeway to alter the size to save on the project.

That makes deciding on the right material all the more important. Ultimately, we sell both options because both are fantastic. But even though they are more expensive upfront, vinyl pergolas are the better buy as they can last a lifetime without requiring serious maintenance. On the other hand, wooden pergolas will need to be re-painted or re-stained every few years to maintain the brand new look — and to prevent rot and mold. More than these practical points, one of the most important factors is which look inspires you and which style matches your backyard décor.

Lock In Your Amish Pergola Price

Love the wooden look of a natural lumber pergola? Or do you prefer the absolute elegance of a vinyl piece? Either way, you’ll love the shade and ambience this accessory brings. If you’re ready to get your exact Amish pergola price — and to place your order today — reach out to our team! We’ll help you finalize your exact style and size, make custom touches, and we’ll take care of everything else.

Contact us right now to get your dream pergola!

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