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Custom Shed Options for Style & Storage

Custom Shed Options for Style & Storage

Choosing a custom shed is the best way to ensure your new structure fits perfectly with your backyard décor – and delivers the storage you need. We provide a huge variety of extras and add-ons to make sure your shed does the job you need, and helps it enhance your outdoor décor. Discover all of our custom shed options and get started building with our team!

At B&L Woodworking, we’re an Amish shed builder in New Jersey that offers a wide range of popular shed styles, while also giving everyone the ability to craft a one-of-a-kind structure. Keep reading today’s blog to see the custom shed options we offer, or talk to our team right now to get prices and to start designing!

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Designing Your Own Shed: 6 Steps

One of the reasons that homeowners appreciate working with a company like B&L is that we are a true custom builder. Since our expert craftsmen are the ones building your shed, almost anything you ask us for, we can do. When designing your own shed, these are the key steps to follow:

  1. Choose Your Structure Style — This is your base for the entire custom shed. This is the shed model that you’ll transform and accessorize with our range of custom shed options. We offer a wide variety of shed styles, ranging from classic A-frame sheds, to barn style sheds, decorative luxury sheds, and much more. The style you choose primarily impacts the way the structure looks but can also have some influence on how you’ll arrange the shed.

    See all of the most popular shed styles right here.

  2. Choose Your Siding — The next step in designing your own shed is picking the siding material. You can choose between vinyl and wooden siding — both of these options provide different practical benefits as well as unique looks. The same material that is on most contemporary houses, vinyl shed siding lasts for decades and will never need re-painted or stained. However, wooden siding costs sightly less and has an attractive rustic look that some homeowners prefer. Ultimately, both of these options are great — it all depends on your preference.
  3. Choose Your Size — What you need to store determines just how big you’ll want your custom shed to be. For example, if you only plan to store garden tools, a smaller shed is ideal. Of course, if you want to house a wide riding mower, you’ll want a shed with a larger length and width. We offer 12 common sizes ranging from 8’X10’ to 14’X24’ — but you can always ask us for other dimensions, too. The most popular sizes are 8’X10’, 8’X12’, and 10’X16’.
  4. Choose Your Siding Color & Trim — Here’s where designing your own shed becomes creative! You have the option to choose the primary shed color and trim color, creating a multi-faceted colorful design. With over 20 siding colors and more than 25 trim color options, you have nearly endless possibilities. Many homeowners love creating a color scheme that plays off the trim and style shades of their home for a beautiful integrated design.

    Try our 3D design center to create your color scheme!

  5. Choose Shingles — One of the key reasons that B&L Woodworking sheds last for decades is that our shed roofs are built with real shingles. Just like the shingles on your home, our shingles are designed to repel water, keeping the shed protected and your belongings dry. You can choose from 8 different shingle colors, including options like cedar, charcoal gray, and vibrant green. This custom shed option pairs with the siding and trim colors to create the distinct style of your shed.
  6. Add Extras — Putting all of these custom shed options together creates a fantastic foundation for a backyard structure that is like no other. This next step is where you take it even further! Some custom extras are for primarily aesthetic purposes such as vinyl shutters, a working weathervane, or a rustic cupola. Other add-ons make the interior even more optimized for storage such as extra shelving, a loft, or a pegboard. Finally, when designing your own shed, you have the ability to add extra doors and windows that make for a one-of-a-kind design.

Ready to design your own shed? See some of our favorites:

Why Amish Quality Matters

Amish craftsmanship has a reputation for being far better than average — and we’re here to say that reputation is truly well-deserved! When compared to a shed you’d find in a big box store, our Amish-built sheds offer several benefits that make them the better buy.

One of the main differences is that all of our buildings are crafted from high-quality building materials like you’d find in home construction. For example, our sheds are built from architectural shingles, vinyl windows, and wooden and vinyl siding. This is one of the key reasons that our structures last for decades in the elements. Hardware store sheds are instead built from non-durable materials like plastic or metal. From a construction standpoint, our structures are hand-built in the United States — rather than being built hundreds-at-a-time in huge factories overseas, as is often the case with retail chain sheds.

Check out our lines of affordable Amish sheds.

Get Prices on Your Structure, Complete with Custom Shed Options

Your new shed will provide you year after year of standout performance — and will look great the whole time. By designing a custom shed, you guarantee that it handles the job perfectly and accentuates your home’s style.

If you’re ready to start designing, our team is standing by. Get a price on your unique structure, complete with custom shed options. Contact us today to get started!

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