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Designer Sheds You Can Bring Home Today

Designer Sheds You Can Bring Home Today

You’re proud to a have a beautifully-designed, well-curated yard. Almost everything that has a place in your yard is stylish and well-made — your new shed won’t be an exception. A popular choice for many homeowners, designer sheds feature a striking style backed by solid Amish craftsmen.

At B&L Woodworking, we sell a wide variety of sheds as well as other outdoor structures like pavilions and pergolas. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting the traits that only true designer sheds can claim and also showcasing some of our favorite styles. Keep reading to learn more about what sets our sheds apart — or simply reach out to our designers to order your own!

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4 Traits to Look for in Luxury Sheds

Compared to the generic sheds you’ll see for sale in the parking lot of a big box store, luxury sheds look like true miniature houses. The quality of builders and the wide variety of custom options are the hallmarks that set a designer shed apart from a generic option. These are the key traits to look for when shopping for a custom piece for your backyard:

  1. Extra Architectural Features — These are one of the touches that you’ll only find on a luxury shed that set it apart. Just a few of the custom architectural touches that can come with our sheds include: large porches, transom windows, built-in bar tops, cupolas, and much more. Not only do these add-ons create a distinct visual profile, but they can change how you’ll use and enjoy your shed.
  2. Superior Materials — Asking what the shed is made of can tell you quite a lot about it and how well it’ll serve you. While those typical hardware store sheds are made of plastic or metal, designer sheds are built from the same materials as your home. To give you an idea, our sheds are crafted from real vinyl siding and architectural shingles. These durable materials keep your home protected from the elements and will do the same for your shed.
  3. Color — Another trait of luxury sheds that you’ll notice is the striking color schemes. Since outdoor designers demand the ability to match their shed to a sophisticated color scheme, we deliver. Our sheds come in a wide range of colors (too many to list here!) and come with patterns that allow for three-tone color schemes.

    Explore some of the most popular shed color ideas right here.

  4. Lifespan — While the cosmetic traits are a key thing to pay attention to — especially if you have big style plans for your outdoor décor — keep the practical benefits in mind too. Since luxury sheds tend to be more carefully crafted and built from higher quality materials, they last far longer than their hardware store competition. Simply asking how long you can expect a shed to last can tell you a lot about the quality and care with which it was built. For example, the best B&L Woodworking sheds generally last more than 20 years! However, a cheaper shed will struggle to last even a handful of years out in the elements.

Looking for more inspiration? Discover some of our favorite sheds:

The Custom-Built Difference

When you partner with B&L Woodworking, your designer shed will be hand-built by an Amish craftsman in a workshop. However, many other sheds you’ll find don’t have the same origin. For those cheaper hardware store sheds, they are built on assembly lines in big factories, hundreds at a time.

This custom-building background isn’t just a nice story, though — it’s the reason that we’re able to offer luxury sheds at all. Firstly, because the sheds we sell are hand-built, we can accommodate the custom requests you want to see. Second of all, our sheds are built carefully by experienced craftsmen, which is just another reason they last so long.

Find the shed style you like best!

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If you’re ready to get started, we’re here to help. Our team is able to answer any and all questions you might have about your new designer shed and to give you a free quote. If you want to talk about a specific design, color scheme, or unique accessories, our designers can help. However, if you want to talk price to ensure your new shed fits into your budget, we can assist you with that as well.

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