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Inexpensive Sheds Under $2,500

Inexpensive Sheds Under $2,500

Decades of watertight outdoor storage in your backyard without breaking the bank — that’s 100% possible if you know where to look! We’re here to reassure you that you can find inexpensive sheds that look beautiful and offer unbeatable storage, while lasting for decades. In today’s blog, we’re showcasing our sheds under $2,500 and highlighting the unique qualities that make homeowners love them!

At B&L Woodworking, we’re an Amish shed builder that crafts and installs elite-quality structures throughout New Jersey. Our sheds are a great solution for storing everything from lawn mowers, outdoor toys, or anything else you need to keep safe and dry. Keep reading to see our most popular inexpensive shed models — or reach out to our team to get quotes for sheds under $2,500!

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Budget Sheds: See the Size & Style Options

All of our budget sheds provide standout storage and our signature Amish quality — plus, you have a wide range of styles to choose from. Whether you like a traditional suburban shed or a rustic inspired barn, we have the perfect style for you. You can bring any of these 3 popular budget sheds home for under $2,500:

budget sheds
8’X12’ A-Frame Shed

The most popular shed style on the market is available at a great price point! These structures feature the namesake A-frame roof, two vinyl windows, and a double door. The 8’X12’ dimensions are one of the most common sizes people choose, providing plenty of room for a lawn mower and all of your tools. For many customers, this budget shed represents the perfect balance of attractive style and usable space. One of the most requested sheds we offer, for many people this shed is the best balance of storage and style!

These striking structures come in a wide range of different shed colors.

Buy Your Budget A-Frame sheds under two thousand five hundred dollars 10’X16’ Mini Barn

This large structure is our choice to provide the maximum space for your money. This shed is longer and wider than the traditional suburban style sheds. The large size makes this the most practical choice if you have a large zero turn mower — or a huge amount of stuff to keep safe. This shed under $2,500 is able to provide such a large footprint by having a stripped-down style look and only one window. Simply put, if maximizing storage is the most important thing to you — or if you love a rustic style — this is the perfect budget shed!

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inexpensive luxury shed
8’X8’ or 8’X10’ Luxury Shed

This option allows you to bring home a true designer shed while still protecting your budget. The Cape shed, Cottage shed and Dormer shed lines provide an added stylistic flair that makes them a strong component of many outdoor designs. By opting for a smaller 8’X8’ or 8’X10′ footprint, you can have an eye-catching décor at the expense of sacrificing a few feet of storage. While the dimensions may be a little small for housing a riding mower and tools, it certainly can do the job for many people. However, if you’d like this budget shed to have the standard 8’X12’ dimensions, it’ll cost just under $3,000!

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While these are our recommended inexpensive sheds, this is just the beginning of what we offer. See even more choices right here!

Why You Should Never Sacrifice Shed Quality

When trying to find the best budget shed, you NEVER want to sacrifice quality. While you may be able to find cheaper sheds for sale in the parking lots of big box stores, they simply can’t match in terms of performance.

Those big box store sheds are often built hundreds at a time out of cheap materials — and as a result, they tend to fall apart after a few years of use. However, even our most inexpensive sheds are built to the same high-level as our more expensive options and will last for decades. That’s because every single shed you see from B&L Woodworking was built by an Amish craftsman from the same construction materials used to construct houses.

Learn more about handmade sheds vs. hardware store sheds!

Get Exact Quotes on Inexpensive Sheds

Whether you love the A-frame, the mini barn, or the small luxury shed — they are all great choices and you can get each of these sheds for under $2,500! When you’re ready to take the next step and place your order, our team is standing by. The first step is to talk to our sales team to get exact quotes to build and install all of these inexpensive storage sheds!

Reach out right now to get prices and to schedule installation!

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