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Mini Barns: For Storage & Rustic Style

Mini Barns: For Storage & Rustic Style

One of our best and most popular sheds isn’t just a shed — it’s also a barn! Mini barns are a fantastic option for bringing much-needed storage to your backyard in a distinctly rustic package. Most people are never going to have the chance (or the need) to own a barn, but this smart and stylish shed delivers the look you love with all of the space you can use.

At B&L Woodworking, we’re Amish storage shed builders who craft a wide range of different structures. See why our mini barns are such a great choice for homeowners and see some examples of what you can bring home. However, if you’d rather get started right now, you can reach out to our team to schedule to get a price and to schedule delivery!

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5 Advantages of Barn Style Sheds

If you know you need reliable outdoor storage, our barn-style sheds provide great solutions and standout styles! These are the main reasons that homeowners choose one of these barns:

  1. Rustic Style — In a neighborhood where everyone has a standard garden shed, here’s your chance to stand out with a distinct rustic flair. Everything about our barn style sheds, from the gambrel roof to the style of door, showcases the country living aesthetic. Bringing this rustic style to your backyard is one of the very best things about this shed style.
  2. Affordable Price — While a distinct or specialized look often costs more than the standard option, our mini barns often cost less than a shed of comparable size in a standard style. Thanks to the stripped-down construction, this type of barn provides fantastic storage space for the price! While all of our sheds are competitively priced, this is one of our most budget-friendly options!

    See all of our inexpensive shed options — including mini barn style sheds!

  3. Great For a Riding Mower — One of the main reasons that people buy a shed or upgrade to a larger one is because they just bought a new riding mower. Keeping your expensive new riding tractor or zero turn mower safe from the elements is key — and our barn-style sheds are particularly good for this. The large doors and long depth of this shed style ensures that you have room to park even a super-sized mower, while still having extra space left over!
  4. Weathertight & Long Lasting — These traits hold true for every single one of our different outdoor storage sheds. You can count on your new mini barn to last for decades out in the elements. On top of that, you can feel safe that your shed will be watertight enough to keep whatever you’re storing protected as well!
  5. Custom Options to Make it Your Own — From added accessories to a custom color scheme, you have ample options to make your new structure match your personal sense of style. You can choose a color combination that matches the look of your home — or opt for the ever-popular rustic red siding with white trim. On top of that, you have the ability to include extras like additional windows and doors along with cupolas and weathervanes. As always, custom designing a shed is one of our specialties!

Ready to bring a mini barn home? Explore our gallery for popular styles:

Always Demand Amish Quality

Whether it’s our barn-style sheds or our other outdoor structures, you can always count on real Amish quality from B&L Woodworking. That means everything on our website or in our showroom was built by skilled craftsmen right here in the USA — and that quality difference shows in how the structure looks up close and how well it serves you.

While you can certainly find sheds in the parking lot of a big box hardware store, they just won’t have that same level of craftmanship excellence. For example, when it comes to sheds, the Amish quality difference means real wooden or vinyl siding and real shingle roofs, just like on your home. Plus, since all of our products were hand-built right here in the USA, you won’t find the manufacturing defects that can plague hardware store sheds!

Get Your Quote on a Mini Barn

Whether you’re drawn to the rustic style or you’re just looking for one of the most affordable structures on the market, you’ll love your new mini barn. If you’d like to customize your barn, please reach out to our team to discuss your one-of-a-kind options. However, if you’re ready to buy now, let us know what you need, and we’ll get you a price to take care of everything!

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