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Outdoor Design Ideas Trending in 2024

Outdoor Design Ideas Trending in 2024

Spruce up your home with our favorite outdoor design ideas trending for 2024. Whether you’re looking for a shed, gazebo, pergola, pavilion, or outdoor furniture, let B&L Woodworking help with our range of hand-crafted outdoor furniture and structures. We provide the finest Amish-crafted outdoor living space designs that will enhance your home.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the trending outdoor design ideas in 2024 to help you decide how best to improve your outdoor living space this year. If you’d like a free quote or assistance deciding between outdoor design ideas, contact B&L Woodworking now!

6 Outdoor Living Space Design Trends

outdoor living space designs with pool pergola

This year’s backyard trends showcase more sustainability and function. From the color design to the materials used, these 6 outdoor living space designs can help you get an idea of what you might want to add to your home.

  1. Retreats and Gardens with Outdoor Structures: Relax and unwind in your own garden retreat emboldened by an outdoor structure. This backyard trend combines the beauty of nature with a hand-crafted structure giving focus and comfort to the space.
  2. Sustainable Options: Incorporating sustainable outdoor living ideas, materials, and home functionality will help to improve your home. Quality building materials such as the materials used in our outdoor range of products together with functional ideas promote sustainability.
  3. Neutral and Nature-Inspired Colors: Neutral colors help to blend outdoor living space designs with your garden and the surrounding flowers, adding instead of detracting from the space.
  4. Bar Height Tables: Bar height tables are one of the backyard trends that is about functionality. It promotes ease of use and an elevated experience for more lively spaces.
  5. Hanging Furniture: Another one of the best outdoor design ideas this year is hanging furniture such as hanging chairs. A regular chair’s design is transformed into a more fluid and aesthetically appealing look and feel.
  6. Multi-Functional Furniture: Function is a focal point for outdoor living space designs. Your furniture and outdoor structures can serve multiple functions such as doubling as an outdoor workspace and entertainment area or furniture that can be either a comfortable seat, table, or leg rest.

For more outdoor design ideas and inspiration, visit our blog on outdoor kitchen, pergolas, and pavilions or get in touch with us to discuss your needs now!

Outdoor Living Ideas & Concepts

The outdoor living ideas trending in 2024 are worth exploring with B&L Woodworking. Our hand-crafted, Amish-quality furniture and outdoor structures are what set us apart. Get inspired by a few of our most popular products for more outdoor design ideas below:

Gazebo backyard trends gazebo in front of trees

Gazebos are not only an excellent outdoor structure to relax in but they can be a focal point of a garden, tying the space together. Complete your outdoor living idea our Amish hand-crafted gazebos.

Pergolas outdoor living ideas pergola warmly lit during the night

Pergolas are highly versatile and customizable, allowing you to build an ideal extension to your outdoor space that matches your home design. The elegant designs and quality building materials are aesthetically pleasing and functional. Great for enhancing your outdoor cooking area, garden, or sitting area.

Pavilions outdoor living space designs backyard pavilion

Pavilions offer you ample space for outdoor kitchen and barbeque areas. Their use extends far beyond just a Sunday barbeque; it can be transformed into a religious temple, summerhouse, or anything that your imagination can come up with.

Outdoor Furniture Sets backyard trends outdoor poolside furniture

B&L Woodworking handcrafted Amish quality outdoor furniture sets make for an excellent addition to any outside living space. Their sturdy construction and quality finish make our lawn furniture sets ideal for the outdoors. Our unique bar height table options combine functionality with comfort – perfect for any entertainment area.

Hanging Furniture outdoor living ideas poolside swing

Get comfortable and soak in the day on a relaxing hanging furniture set. Choose between our hand-crafted Mission Swing or our Van Buren Swing and elevate your outdoor relaxation.

Discover more outdoor structures and products offered by B&L Woodworking, each showcasing craftsmanship and quality to bring your outdoor living ideas to your backyard.

Explore More Backyard Trends with B&L Woodworking

2024 is a great time to embrace new backyard trends and explore outdoor design ideas at B&L Woodworking to enhance your home. B&L Woodworking is a well-established Amish woodworking company that has helped many homeowners make their home improvement ideas a reality.

From our outstanding customer service, hand-made quality craftsmanship, and high-quality building materials to our 5- to 10-year warranties and financing options, we are ready to help you with all of your woodworking and construction needs to explore new backyard trends and bring your outdoor design ideas to life.

Get in touch with B&L Woodworking today for a free estimate and get advice on your backyard improvement projects!

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