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5 Traits of Quality Storage Sheds

5 Traits of Quality Storage Sheds

Does the shed you buy really matter? Well, we always tell homeowners if you care about keeping your stuff safe and saving thousands of dollars, then it does. Quality storage sheds will protect your stuff for decades while cheaper sheds will leak or fall apart in a matter of years. So, how can you tell one of these elite sheds from a cheap imitator? We can help with that!

At B&L Woodworking, we build a wide variety of outdoor structures, including our popular handmade sheds. In today’s blog, we’re comparing quality storage sheds to your average hardware store option. Keep reading to learn how to find a shed that will last 30 years — or simply reach out to our team to get a quote right now!

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Handmade Sheds vs. Hardware Store Sheds

handmade sheds

Since just about everyone needs a shed, you can find them sold in a wide variety of places. From Amish shed builders like us to your basic big box hardware stores, it can be easy to find a shed. However, there’s a big difference in quality between handmade sheds and hardware store sheds.

We’re highlighting the 5 key differences right here:

  1. The Roof — Nothing is worse than finding rainwater leaking through your shed’s roof. Not only can it destroy what you’re keeping safe in the shed, but it can lead to serious mold problems. That’s why quality storage sheds are built using real architectural shingles designed to repel rain, just like your house. However, a hardware store shed will often just use a single sheet of material in place of a roof — this can cause leaks as early as the first few years of owning it.
  2. Siding — A lot of the strength and resilience of quality sheds comes from the siding. Our sheds are built using vinyl siding (just like your house) or our fir-face treated lumber siding. Both of those materials are designed to repel moisture. Compare that to a budget hardware store option that will be built with particle board siding, which has the unfortunate tendency to rot out in just a few years.
  3. How It’s Made — Not only will a quality storage shed be built with the same materials that houses are made of, but the way they are built is better. At B&L Woodworking, our sheds are built by Amish craftsmen one at a time in our workshop. On the other hand, hardware store sheds are built on assembly lines in massive factories, hundreds at a time. Simply put: a bulk-built shed is more likely to have cut corners and other mistakes.
  4. Lifespan — The better materials and handmade construction lead to a better shed and a longer lifespan. But what exactly does that look like? You can expect a handmade shed from B&L Woodworking to last between 20 and 30 years — while a cheap shed will last about 5 years. One of our vinyl sheds won’t require any maintenance at all, but a wooden shed will need repainted every 10 years to stay strong.
  5. Custom Options Available — One of the other things to love about buying a handmade shed is that the builder oftentimes will work with you. That means getting custom options (everything from extra doors, more windows, or even custom sizes) is easy. Imagine trying to go into a crowded hardware store and trying to place a custom order with the manager — it would never happen. Since we’re always on-hand to work with our customers, we’ve even built sheds on-site when the terrain made delivery difficult! Simply put, we’re a local business and we’ll do everything we can for you.

    See all of our most popular shed styles right here.

Bottom line: unless you’re planning to move in the next year or two, it just doesn’t make sense to buy a cheap hardware store shed. You’ll end up replacing it after just a few years, wiping out any savings from the lower upfront price point.

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We Also Build Other Quality Structures

handmade pool house shed

While we are mostly known for our quality storage sheds, we also craft a series of luxury outdoor structures that can enhance your yard. Some of our most popular options include our gazebos, pavilions, pool houses, and pergolas. We also offer great outdoor playsets that kids absolutely love!

Just like with our sheds, we build everything to the highest quality out of superior materials. This is our way of ensuring that you’ll love your purchase right away and for years to come. When you reach out, ask more about what our Amish craftsmen can build for you!

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We deliver quality, style, and decades of reliability with every single one of our quality storage sheds. If you’re ready to take the next steps to bring one home, we’re here to help. Simply contact us by phone or form. Our designers will discuss all of your options and give you quotes for a new shed with everything included!

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