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Most Popular Shed Sizes for Homeowners Like You

Most Popular Shed Sizes for Homeowners Like You

Is all your stuff starting to pile up? Whether it’s lawn games or gardening equipment spilling out of your garage — or boxes and boxes of toys and knickknacks — you need a solution. A well-built Amish shed is the perfect answer to keeping your stuff safe and secure while freeing up space elsewhere. If you’re trying to figure out just how big of a shed you need, we can help — we’re profiling the most popular shed sizes and their average prices!

At B&L Woodworking, we’re an Amish shed builder that sells a wide range of outdoor structures like pergolas, pavilions, and sheds. See which shed sizes typically do the job for homeowners just like you and find out what you can expect to pay for them. However, if you’d rather work with an expert right away, we encourage you to reach out to talk to our team!

Common Shed Dimensions & Ballpark Prices

As a custom shed builder, we can craft any size shed you need and have it match almost any aesthetic you like. However, these common shed dimensions are popular for a reason: they fulfill the needs of homeowners and are a great size for typical suburban backyards.

shed dimensions 8’x12’ Shed

While this shed is the most compact of the three most popular options, it is still large enough to store most home items. Sheds of this size are often built in the A-frame style, which looks good when the structure is slightly smaller. With a price range that hovers just north of $3,000, this size provides unbeatable storage while staying well within most people’s budget.

  • Average Price in Wood: $3,200
  • Average Price in Vinyl: $3,600
Get Your Exact Quote > vinyl shed sizes 10’x12’ Shed

By far one of the most popular shed dimensions, 10’x12’ sheds are fantastic for storing a mix of larger pieces of outdoor equipment as well as numerous smaller items. The extra width is perfect for storing rows of boxes that you no longer want in your house. Like all of our sheds, the weatherproof construction ensures that your stuff stays secure for decades. This shed size is a great fit for almost any shed style!

  • Average Price in Wood: $3,800
  • Average Price in Vinyl: $4,500
Get Your Exact Quote > amish shed dimensions 10’x16’ Shed

The extra-long dimensions of this shed make it ideal for storing multiple pieces of fun outdoor equipment, like ATVs or snowmobiles. Of course, you’ll also be able to fit a few extra pieces of lawn equipment or a stack of boxes or two. The longer dimensions of this structure make it match well with quaker and dormer style sheds — as well as mini barns. Generally, this is one of the largest sheds we commonly build for homeowners!

  • Average Price in Wood: $4,400
  • Average Price in Vinyl: $5,000
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Why to Insist on Amish Quality

Sheds have a tough job to do. They need to survive the wind, rain, and snow for decades, while staying completely watertight. Thanks to the superior materials we use — and our unbeatable Amish construction quality — our sheds will provide you decades of the storage you need. All of our sheds are built using real asphalt shingles and real home builder-quality wood or vinyl siding. B&L Woodworking sheds are made out of the same material as a new home, which makes a huge difference when compared to big box store sheds that are built from cheap metal or molded plastic — some of which fall apart after just a few years outside!

Learn more about what sets quality storage sheds apart from the rest!

Get Exact Prices of Different Storage Shed Sizes

Bringing home a new storage shed can be the solution that helps you get organized while freeing up tons of other space. When you’re ready to invest in a new shed, trust the Amish professionals. We encourage you to get an exact price on one or more of these shed sizes — or reach out to work with us to build something totally custom!

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