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Our Favorite Backyard Pavilion Ideas

Our Favorite Backyard Pavilion Ideas

Shade and style can make a huge difference for any outdoor space. The right piece gives you a break from the summer sun, while adding a distinct stylistic flair to your backyard. See some of our best-loved backyard pavilion ideas to find inspiration for your project!

At B&L Woodworking, we sell Amish-made outdoor structures that can transform the way you use your yard. Whether it’s a pavilion to sit under while watching the kids happily splash in the pool, or it’s a quiet gazebo seating area, this upgrade will change your yard forever. See some of our favorite backyard pavilion ideas — or reach out to one of our outdoor designers to kickstart your project!

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Must-See Pavilion Design Ideas

Providing total shade paired with a distinctly elegant profile, a pavilion is the perfect accessory to complement a prominent spot in your yard — or to make a brand new centerpiece. Our pavilion design ideas are meant to inspire exactly how you’ll use one of our gorgeous pavilions to enhance your yard. See some of the specific ideas we have seen customers incorporate into their yard pavilions:

pavilion design ideas
Cover Your Deck and Patio

This first backyard pavilion idea is all about enhancing a space you already love. Some people are satisfied with a floppy umbrella above their deck or porch — but you want something more. Pairing a pavilion with a deck or porch creates a protected area (as large or small as you like) that keeps you out of the sun and protected from the rain. You’ll be surprised how much a simple pavilion can make your space that much more usable. From a stylistic standpoint, adding a vertical dimension makes your deck or porch look larger and more impressive.

Want even more inspiration? See 8 of our favorite outdoor living remodel ideas.

backyard pavilion design for large yard
Mid-Yard Seating Area

If you have a large yard that you don’t get much use out of, consider developing some of that real estate by setting up a mid-yard seating area. Start by placing something solid like stones, pavers, or a concrete pad. Pair that space with a pavilion to give the space an elegant and upscale feel, while providing comfort from the rain and sun. This may be our boldest pavilion design idea — but that makes it perfect for some people. If you think your yard will never change no matter what you do, try this!

backyard pavilion above dining space
Outdoor Kitchen/Dining Area

There are a few ways to incorporate this pavilion design idea — and all of them are on-trend and make for maximum outdoor fun. Firstly, you can build an outdoor dining room by building a pavilion above the space. Not only does this make those middle-of-summer outdoor meals more comfortable, but it creates a unique sense of fun from just eating in the backyard. For the dedicated grill-masters, adding a pavilion over their grill can be the perfect touch.

Need a storage shed to go with it? See our most popular shed styles!

pool pavilion design ideas
Poolside Retreat

If you’re lucky enough to have an in-ground pool in your backyard, then you have a great style opportunity. By adding an elegant pavilion adjacent to your pool, you can create a complete backyard oasis. Just like with a flat deck or patio, the pavilion adds a vertical dimension to the space. Another popular style includes building a bar and pavilion next to the pool itself to bring the feel of a luxury hotel to your backyard!

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Consider Bringing a Gazebo to Your Backyard, Too

While pavilions may be one of the most popular outdoor living structures on the market, classic backyard gazebos bring many of the same benefits, plus a different kind of style. Many of these standout pavilion design ideas also work with a gazebo in its place. Compared to a pavilion, a gazebo will offer all of the same shade but will include built-in walls — and some even come with bug screens.

At B&L Woodworking, our gazebos come in octagon, oval, and rectangular styles — each of which brings a different aesthetic to your space. Just like with pavilions and pergolas, our hand-crafted gazebos are available in rustic wood and no-maintenance vinyl.

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Bring Your Backyard Pavilion Ideas Home

All of these gorgeous backyard pavilion ideas started the exact same way — with a conversation between a customer and our design team. When you’re ready to take the next step, our experts are ready to help. We’ll discuss your dream backyard, share our options, and even help you build something custom!

Reach out to start designing and to get prices on all of our pavilions!

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