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Wood vs Vinyl Swing Sets

Wood vs Vinyl Swing Sets

There are few things children love more than the heart-pumping fun of their very own backyard playset! From swinging fast to racing down the slides, a swing set can deliver hours upon hours of fun. As parents, our goal is to get the best set possible to maximize that fun. Comparing wood vs vinyl swing sets is the best way to get started!

At B&L Woodworking, we bring Amish craftsmanship to homeowners throughout New Jersey. We are known for selling pavilions, gazebos, sheds, and playsets, but today we’re comparing wood vs vinyl swing sets to help you pick the right set for your kids and your budget!


Finding the Best Swing Set Material for You

Both types of swing sets are tons of fun – that’s why we sell both! However, there are distinct pros and cons to each that can make one of them the better buy, depending on what matters most to you. Here’s what to consider when deciding the best swing set material for you:

  1. Lifespan – Any high-quality Amish-built swing set you bring home will last long enough to provide your kids years upon years of excitement. While a wooden swing set will last around 10 to 15 years at the max, a vinyl swing set can quite literally last a lifetime! The same vinyl swing set that your kids enjoy in their childhood can still be around for your grandchildren! Advantage: Vinyl
  2. Maintenance – The reason that vinyl swing sets can last a lifetime is that they are 100% immune to the rot, mold, and decay that in time destroys wooden sets. So not only will a vinyl set last forever, but it will never require maintenance. However, in order for a wooden swing set to last 10 years, it will need to be freshly painted and stained. So, from a purely practical purpose, vinyl is the best swing set material. Advantage: Vinyl
  3. Price – When comparing wood vs vinyl swing sets, you need to keep price in mind as well. As much fun as a swing set is, you don’t necessarily want to drain the vacation fund to pay for it. Wood sets are significantly cheaper than vinyl ones. To give you an idea of price, a comparably sized wooden set will cost about half as much as a vinyl set. So, whether you want to save money or get a bigger set for your money, wooden sets are a great choice! Advantage: Wood
  4. Safety – For any product that is made for children, safety is the top priority! When it comes to this aspect, though, the best swing set material has less to do with wood or vinyl than the manufacturing process. Both our wood and vinyl sets are built to be extremely durable by Amish craftsmen right here in the USA. This is how you can ensure that the sets are ready for rambunctious play and will be free of potentially dangerous defects.  Advantage: Tie

As of Spring 2022, here are the listed prices for each model above…

  • Care Bear Castle – $3,845
  • Honey Bear Hangout – $2,629
  • Sea King – $6,496
  • The Space Walk – $11,425

Check out all of our swing sets for sale!

Why Amish Quality Matters

Investing in one of our playsets is a better choice than buying from big box stores or discount clubs. Firstly, the best materials for swing sets ensures that they will last longer during harsh weather conditions and always be safe for your children! On top of that, every single piece built here at home – rather than being assembled overseas like many other playsets out there – means you’re getting a quality and attractive product with added safety features!

Shop Vinyl & Wood Swing Sets

best swingset material for Pennsylvania

When comparing wood vs vinyl swing sets, it’s clear that there are advantages to each. Ultimately both options are great. Since we sell both styles at B&L Woodworking, we make it easy to compare and contrast the different materials yourself. If you’re ready to start shopping, we’re here to help.

Reach out right here to ask questions or to place your order!

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