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What Does Custom Furniture Cost?

What Does Custom Furniture Cost?

Whether it’s a stately dining room table, a beautiful four-poster bed, or something else, a piece of custom furniture truly enhances any room. While many homeowners believe that a true heirloom-quality piece of furniture is too expensive, we’re always pleased to announce that the prices are more affordable than most people expect. In today’s blog, we’re showcasing our average custom furniture costs to show you how realistic it is to bring home a gorgeous piece of furniture.

At B&L Woodworking, we’re an Amish furniture company that crafts authentic wooden furniture at great prices. Keep reading to get an answer to the question, “What does custom furniture cost?” — or reach out right now to place a custom order or to buy one of our popular pieces!

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Amish Furniture Prices: Tables, Chairs, Beds, & More

There are many facets and features that influence the bottom-line cost of a piece of furniture. From the type of hardwood to the size of the piece and considering the intricate details, the price range for any specific type of piece can vary. We’re showing a common range of Amish furniture prices for the most popular types of pieces that we craft:

amish furniture price Dining Room Table: Starting at $1,200

The biggest factors that affect the price of a table is whether the table is a solid top or if it is an extension table with additional leaves. Since more leaves mean more lumber and more labor, you can expect the price to increase with each one. In addition, a more complex table leg design also has an impact on cost.

Design Your Own Custom Table cost for custom dining room chairs Set of Dining Room Chairs (6): Starting at $1,300

A common purchase along with a new table, you can coordinate the style and wood species of your chairs to match the centerpiece table. The Amish furniture price here once again depends on the type of wood used and the carving complexity of each individual chair.

Shop Dining Room Furniture amish bedroom set price Bedroom Set (Bed, Dresser, Mirror, Night Table): Starting at $3,500

Updating your bedroom with an entirely new set of furniture can transform the space like few other things. Since a full bedroom set includes so many handcrafted pieces, the custom furniture cost will reflect that!

Shop Bedroom Furniture custom bed frame cost Bed Frame: Starting at $1,000

The price of a beautiful new bed frame depends, first and foremost, on whether you have a king-sized mattress or a queen-sized mattress. On top of that, the Amish furniture price for beds is determined by the wood type used in construction and the complexity of the style.

See Our Furniture Buying Tips amish desk price Desk: Between $400 to $4,000

The largest difference in cost you’ll see, the price tag for a desk entirely depends on the type of desk you want. While a simple writing desk should cost you around $400 or $500, a full-sized wrap-around desk can easily cost a few thousand. Once again, this comes down to the amount of material used and the amount of time it takes our teams to carve your piece.

Shop Home Office Furniture custom mission sofa cost Sofa: Starting at $2,200

Very few pieces of furniture in your home see quite as much daily use as the sofa. That’s why it makes sense to want to spend a little more to ensure that it’s both comfortable and a complement to your living room décor. The price of our sofas is determined by the size and whether or not you want to use leather or cloth. Since loveseats are smaller, they are less expensive — our love seats cost around $1,600.

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Whether you buy one of our in-stock pieces of furniture from our showroom or we build something unique for you, you can count on a fair price and authentic Amish quality. While these custom furniture costs are an average, we hope they showed you just how affordable real hardwood furniture can be — and helped you plan for your purchase!

The Amish Quality Difference

There’s a reason that discerning customers choose Amish furniture from B&L Woodworking over the big chains. Simply put, when you buy from us you can count on a superior quality product, custom crafted to your exact specifications. Here’s what sets us apart from the big box furniture stores:

  • Real Hardwood — All of our furniture is built using real hardwood, while most chain furniture is built from laminate or particle board. Real wood is responsible for giving our pieces their gorgeous looks as well as their superior longevity.
  • Built by Craftsmen — Most furniture in your average retail store was built in a massive factory overseas, several thousand at a time. However, all of our pieces are hand built, one at a time, by skilled woodworkers. You can see the difference in the attention to detail and the construction quality.
  • Ample Custom Options — Since we build our pieces to order, we can craft anything you desire to meet your imagination or match your style. This is something you cannot expect from your average chain furniture store.

Get Exact Custom Furniture Costs & Buy Now

We work hard to make the quality, the longevity, and the one-of-a-kind style of Amish furniture accessible to more people than ever. Our craftsmen would love to build a gorgeous piece of furniture that you’ll pass down to your children. While you now have an idea of average custom furniture costs, we encourage you to reach out to get pricing on anything that caught your eye!

Reach out to get prices and to talk to our designers!

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